I will provide a solution based three card cartomancy reading

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This three card reading will provide you with clarity, answers and solutions currently available so that you can be made aware of the energy at work in your life regarding your specific question. This reading is perfect for those who may be experiencing difficulty moving forward or making progress in a particular life area due to personal and/or extra personal influences. The manner in which I provide my readings will be very blunt, honest and to the point with plenty of details to help you become aware of what blocks are present, what's already working for you and helping you to reach your goal and a likely outcome. All my readings are designed to place focus on the questioner (that's you) to take personal responsibility for their choices and help them to rely on their own power to make the changes they desire to achieve their desires and reach their potential. I'm very down to earth and no nonsense in the delivery of my information based on the cards I pull for you. No spirit guides, genies, gods/goddesses, new age, crystal power, white light, vision boards, law of attraction nonsense allowed here! Each card I pull will be listed and a corresponding interpretation provided.