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  • I need a cross stitch pattern

    The cross stitch pattern should have Kanye west surfing on a sun ray beam of light (an ultra light beam) and include the words “this is a god dream”

  • If you can create quality cartoonish graphic designs

    The scene is a character grabbing an item in the produce aisle of a grocery store. The character is wearing a flashy black, red, and gold outfit, with a sombrero in similar colors on his head. We see his back. His face is hidden. And the only other important specs include a shopping cart, a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, and maybe a little mist spritzing on the produce. Reference pics included. End result: Your design featured on the bottom front cover of my natural foods book.

  • I need a minimalist punchy logo for use as a twetch avatar

    The logo must consist of an upturned ice cream cone sitting on an invisible surface, on a diagonal angle. It will have a one pink scoop with sprinkles on it, the bottom of the scoop should be melting slightly into the surface it is sitting on. The ice cream will be in front of a punchy cyan background. There should be enough empty cyan space surrounding the cone so that if chosen as an avatar for social media, the cone would sit dead centre, and be seen in it's entirety.

  • River needs a cool youtube intro video

    https://www.youtube.com/rivercrypto I would like a cool intro video for my youtube channel. Something fresh and flowly and totally RIVER ;) Fibonacci incorporations are a MUST!

  • Newb wants to enter Bitcoin and web coding

    I am looking for advice in Bitcoin development and specifically _unwriter's tools. I want to understand what is involved with building what I want to build, what tools are necessary, and what to aim for in my own coder development. As a test for myself, I want to learn how to build a web interface where 2+ people can interact, send bitcoin to a template defined by the web interface, and have a trigger send it back to them in a different ratio they put it in at.

  • Wix Website development

    I need to develop wix website for selling a product

  • I Need BSV-Woocomerce Integration

    I need to integrate the moneybutton into my payment platform on my website. I am unsure if I need a button integrated onto each product, or just on the checkout page.

  • Need BSV integration with existing Wordpress Application

    I need to have BSV integrated as a payment system into an existing wordpress application. please contact for further details

  • A Developer To Work With

    I am hoping to build a website project that includes art and access to your MoneyButton