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  • Custom HTML to show BSV address balance on a Website

    Can send me a custom HTML code to do this? You can use any services available like bitdb, blockchair etc. This should be easy to add to any website, like creating a moneybutton.

  • Sketches for comic

    I need someone to do some sketches for a web comic. I will provide specifications in chat and you can do the sketch during the chat. I will pay by the hour. I only want rough sketches as I am refining the story. So I expect each frame could take you less than 15 minutes. At a later stage there will be opportunities to complete the sketches to a final product.

  • I need well written and original contents in English for several topics

    These are the topics I need: Culture Health Technology Philosophy Art Cryptocurrency History Nature Science (etc... other similar well defined topics) The article must be not too short neither too long It must be fun, entertaining and interesting. It must be written correctly and it has to make sense. For more info contact me in pvt. If you are good content creator I will purchase more articles by you. Thank you

  • Need WordPress Site and SEO help

    Greetings, I run www.EnjoyJars.com Small business selling just one plastic jar. I designed the site myself on WIX, but am unhappy with the result. I would like to transfer this shop to Wordpress with SEO in mind. I would like an ongoing SEO partnership with a goal of ending up on the front page of google.

  • I need a program

    I make tunes derived from name/date. I would like a program that makes those tunes instead of my head. It should not be too difficult. People would fill their name and get back sequence of notes. It would be sold for micro-payments. Say 3 cents. Featured on upcoming discovery page of money button, where they take 30% from purchase. 30% percent would be for the programmer and 30% for me. 10 % for support others. Everyone was born and has a name. Opportunity.

  • Make a webshop for a new product

    Make a webshop for a PoS device

  • logo to build an online presence

    I specialise in team management, (particularly teams that rotate accountabilities) and creating games to have people meet their targets. The image I'm looking for is corporate-ish with an edge, at events I want my business card to look like a wild card, given only to people I want to work with as an offer to assist them meet their goals. That offer is limited. Attached is my previous (square) business card.

  • Please translate from chinese into english

    this page please: http://8btc.com/thread-269956-1-1.html

  • Opencart Plugin for MoneyButton

    Opencart plugin to use MoneyButton must be compatible with Multimerch on Opencart must be compatible with lastest Opencart 2 & 3 versions must allow moneybutton payment & order directly from within the product page must have split payments feature (seller & host)