How To Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV)


You can convert fiat to Bitcoin SV in through websites like Floatsv, Bittrex, Coinsquare, Coinify, BC Bitcoin etc. 

Europe & UK

If you are a EU or UK citizen the easiest way to buy small amounts of Bitcoin SV to purchase services on Fivebucks is through Coinify. Here you can buy up to €50 worth of BSV with a business card without having to go through ID verification. 

US & Canada

US citizens need an account on Poloniex or Bittrex to buy BSV. To be able to purchase and withdraw BSV you will need to verify your account by conducting ID verification and providing proof of residence. Beware that Poloniex is not available for users from NYC. Canadian citizens can purchase BSV on Coinsquare and ID verification is required.

Rest of the World

You can buy Bitcoin SV from anywhere in the world on FloatSV. Here ID verification is required.

Spending on Fivebucks

Once you buy Bitcoin SV with one of the above methods you have to withdraw the BSV to your personal wallet to purchase services from freelancers from all over the globe on Fivebucks. Currently on Fivebucks you will need to use MoneyButton (email sign up required) or the Handcash wallet (no sign up required). If you are using the Handcash wallet you must make sure to have the wallet app open while paying at check out. For an up-to-date list of the top Bitcoin SV wallets check our guide Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallets.

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