Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallets


What is a BCH wallet?

A Bitcoin Cash wallet is an application that allows you to send or receive payments in bitcoin cash. Bitcoin cash wallets are free to use.

An important feature of bitcoin cash wallets is that its users enjoy pseudo anonimity, in that they are anonymous unless they associate their used (bitcoin cash) address with their real life identity. Users can keep creating as many addresses as they wish for self-set privacy.

Your private key is the password to your wallet and comes in the form of a mnemonic seed phrase. To access your funds all you need is one device connected to the internet and a “wallet app” (for mobile phones) or “wallet software” (for PCs).

After downloading a bitcoin cash wallet you can start receiving and sending bitcoin cash to other people’s wallets. In each case make sure to write down your back up phrase (mnemonic seed phrase) so even if you lose your phone you can access your funds from any other device by entering the seed phrase


The top Bitcoin Cash wallet apps we recommend for freelancers: 

  • CashPay is a new wallet available on mobile both for Android and iOS. This is a Bitcoin Cash only wallet which also allows users to buy anything online without having to convert their bitcoin cash to a government currency first. After loading up your CashPay wallet, just do a simple shopping search online, get the URL of the item you want to buy, and then use the integrate shopping bar in the CashPay wallet to place an order directly from your wallet, with BCH.
  • Electron Cash Wallet is available on mobile for Android phones and Desktops. We have ranked it 3rd because it is not as user friendly as the other two although it has some amazing extra features. The app comes with a “password” feature so that even if you forget your phone unlocked nobody can access your actual wallet without having this password. It also has some advanced features like “pay to many” whereby you can send money at the same time to multiple recipients. This might have some potential use as a way to pay staff or divide funds between colleagues.


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